FAQ - Lawn Commong Turf Weeds and Treatment


clover weeds

Clover is a common broadleaf weed with shallow roots and spreads by aggressive above and below ground stems. Clover grows best in moist soils, and actively grows from germinating seeds or existing clover weeds. Clover can be treated with a broadleaf weed control spot treatment.

Crab Grass

Crab Grass

Crab grass is a common weed that invades turf grass, and is most prevalent during midsummer months. Crab grass germinates in lawns which have been thinned by drought, disease or other stress factors. During the summer months crab grass matures into a light green grass and is a prolific seed producer. The seeds are deposited in the soil and remain viable for several years, ready to germinate when the opportunity is provided. A healthy and dense turf will lessen the opportunity for crab grass invasion. To control crab grass it requires a continuous treatment program.


dandelions weeds

Dandelions are a persistent weed problem in turf grass. Each seed head of a mature dandelion plant produces thousands of weed seeds that float easily in the breeze. One of the best ways to prevent dandelions is healthy turf. If you do have dandelions in your lawn, they can be treated during the active growing cycle with a broadleaf weed control spot treatment.


spurge weeds

Spurge is an annual weed that tends to thrive during the warm summer months and spreads out rapidly along the ground. Spurge typically germinates in stressed turf areas, and can be treated with a broadleaf weed control spot treatment.

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