FAQ - Irrigation and Maintenance Repair

irrigation and maintenance repair

Spring Start Up of Irrigation: Proper start up of the irrigation system is much more than just turning it on. All sprinkler heads should be inspected to ensure they are operational and to check for proper coverage. The filters for each sprinkler head should also be checked for debris and cleaned, especially if you have irrigation water. The filters connected to the Irrigation Pumping Station or Irrigation Tie In need to be cleaned of debris at the time of system start up.

Recurring Maintenance during the Season: It is important to monitor the sprinkler system weekly throughout the season to check for coverage issues, and potential problems. Sprinkler heads should be checked for proper coverage, and to make sure they are not clogged with debris. The constant adjustment and monitoring of the system is necessary to maintain an effective and efficient irrigation system.

Sprinkler Controller Adjustment: Controlling your Sprinkler Clock is an important part of irrigation management and maintenance. The sprinkler controller should be adjusted bi-monthly to minimize under watering and over watering. Inadequate sprinkler controller management can lead to turf and tree dehydration, over watering, rot, and insect and disease infestation.

End of Season Shut Down: A proper shut down of the irrigation system is essential before freezing occurs. Compressed air is forced through the system before winter, and is critical to protect your system from serious winter damage. A thorough sprinkler blow out will not only protect your system during the winter months, but it will also extend the life of your irrigation components.

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