Lawn Care Treatments

lawn spreader

Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control

The most important thing you can do for your lawn is to feed it and keep it weed free. Turf requires nutrients to grow strong and healthy, like all living things. Unsightly weeds will compete for nutrients and stress the turf. Our program provides the needed food and will keep the weeds out.

billbug prevention

Billbug Preventative

Billbugs are the most common threat to a beautiful lawn. We can prevent the damage caused by these grubs.

soil conditioner

Soil Conditioner

The soil in the Treasure Valley is very alkaline and a healthy lawn requires a balanced soil PH. Our sulfur application will provide this balance to enhance the quality of your turf.



Lawns can be completely destroyed by numerous types of disease. We will prescribe the right treatment for the specific disease.


Aeration & Overseeding

Your lawn may be struggling from soil compaction or a thick thatch layer. An aeration will resolve compaction issues and allow the soil better access to air, water and nutrients. This is also the prime time to overseed thin or bare areas, as the aeration will loosen the soil to help seed germination.

organic lawn

Organic Lawn Program

This program will provide 100% natural fertilizer for your lawn. Weeds can be spot treated once they pop up and pre-emergent can be applied using our integrated management approach.

nutsedge treatment

Nutsedge Treatment

This noxious weed has become a more prevalent issue in the Treasure Valley over the last few years. We have specialty formulated products designed to control nutsedge invading your turf.

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