Tree & Shrub Treatments

tree shrub fertilization

Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Tree and Shrub fertilization is vital for maintaining the beauty of your landscape. Plants require nutrients in order to grow strong and healthy, like all living things, our program provides deep root feedings for trees and a well balanced fertilizer for shrubs.

dormant oil treatment

Dormant Oil Treatment

Many damage causing insects like to overwinter on our trees here in the Treasure Valley. Our dormant oil application will control damage causing insects and their eggs. This application needs to be applied before new leaves emerge in the spring.

insect and disease control

Insect & Disease Control

There are many types of insects and diseases that are detrimental to our trees and shrubs. We will build a customized control plan for your specific tree and shrub needs.

systemic tree injection

Systemic Tree Injection

Certain issues like iron chlorosis, anthracnose, borers, scale and many more may require a specialty tree injection treatment. This is applied as a trunk injection into the xylem tissue of the tree. The benefits of a tree injection are effective, it's fast acting, environmentally responsible & gives long lasting results.


Chlorosis Treatment

Chlorosis in trees around the Treasure Valley is usually due to a deficiency of iron in the leaves. Iron is important for chlorophyll synthesis in plants, so when it is deficient, leaves cannot make chlorophyll, resulting in a yellow appearance.

trunk drench

Trunk Drench

Many type of borers damage trees in the Treasure Valley, such as the Lilac Borer and Sequoia Pith Moth. The best control for these type of borers is a treatment applied to the trunk and main limbs to rid of adult borers before they penetrate the bark and lay eggs. A trunk drench is also a beneficial treatment once larvae are feeding within the vascular system of the tree to prevent further damage.

fruit inhibitor treatment

Fruit Inhibitor Treatment

Unwanted fruit can create a mess of your landscape. We can apply a fruit inhibitor to reduce the fruit production. In some cases it can completely eliminate the fruit.

tree and shrub fungicide

Tree & Shrub Fungicide

There are numerous types of disease that affect the health of our trees and shrubs. We can prescribe the right treatment for the specific disease.

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